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Terms and payments

All sales are governed by these general conditions. These general conditions of sale prevail over all other conditions unless stated otherwise in writing by Tecnomed Italia s.r.l..


1) Dimensions, weights, features, colours and technical specifications may be subject to va- riation as a result of technical developments and changes to applicable standards. Printing errors, including errors involving technical specifications, do not constitute cause for claim or complaint. Published operating instructions and safety precautions must not be taken as definitive and in no case substitute proper care and attention and compliance with applicable safety standards.

2) All material contained in this e-commerce is the property of Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. and/or of represented companies and is covered by Italian and European copyright. Text published herein that has been taken from other sources is likewise protected by copyright and is the property of the companies concerned. Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. is not connected in any way with the companies whose products are illustrated in this catalogue. All trade marks appearing in this catalogue belong to their respective owners. Trade marks of third parties, product names, commercial names, corporate and company names may be the property of their respective owners or trade marks registered to other companies, and are used here purely for explanatory purposes and in the interests of the owners, with no violation of copyright intended. Photographs illustrating products are purely indicative.


3) All payments must be made according to the terms established, and must be made out to Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. at its registered offices. Other forms of payment shall not be accepted unless authorised in advance by Tecnomed Italia s.r.l.. Payments made by bank draft or bank order are not exempt from compliance with the requirements of Article 1182 of the Italian Civil Code.

4) Discounts on payments are calculated on the basis of the net value of the goods, exclu- ding packaging costs, VAT and transport costs where applicable. Failure to respect payment terms shall lead to the cancellation of all discounts applied to the payment in question, and any such discounts listed on the invoice shall be re-debited to the customer. Free gifts are subject to VAT reclaims.

5) On the basis of European Directive 29/6/2000, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree No. 231 of the 9/10/2002, late payments automatically give rise to the application of interest.


6) Orders shall be processed according to the availability of stock, and no guarantee of supply is offered for goods that are no longer produced or have been discontinued from the range.

7) Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. does not normally inform carriers of the value of transported goods. If the customer wishes to insure a shipment, he must expressly state so at the time of order, and must assume all related costs.

8) Shipments to destination may be made using carriers selected by Tecnomed Italia s.r.l., with costs debited in the invoice, or may be made using carriers selected by the customer, with costs to be paid on delivery. All goods travel at the customer’s risk.

9) The minimum order value is 100 Euros + VAT. Orders may be placed by e-mail, fax, phone*, or e-commerce.

* Orders placed by phone must be followed by a written and signed order confirmation.

10) Any questions or complaints concerning the weight, number or condition of packages must be reported by the customer directly to the carrier at the time of reception of the goods. All losses or damage incurred during transport must likewise be reported immediately to the carrier, responsibility for the same resting with the carrier. If, on opening whole and undama- ged packages, material listed on the shipping documents as contained therein is found to be missing, written notice thereof must be presented to Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. (fax +39 0721 955229 - sales@dentalastec.it) within 48 hours of reception of the goods, accompanied by a statement of the gross weight of the package concerned at the time of arrival.


11) Persons collecting goods must present a detailed order on the customer’s headed note paper. In compliance with the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 472196 and Ministerial Circulars No. 225E of the 16/9/96 and No. 249E of the 11/10/96, whoever collects goods must sign all copies of the shipping documents to confirm reception, and is responsible for verifying the correctness of all details related to the date and time of collection and the appearance of the goods collected.

12) The customer releases Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. from all responsibility to deliver goods, even to persons known to and trusted by the customer, if adequate written notice of the collection has not been given beforehand.


13) Goods shall be accepted for repair only if returned free of charge to the competent offices of Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. or to Tecnomed’s local agent.

14) Unrepaired electrical equipment shall be returned disassembled.


15) The replacements covered by warranty may be placed only when the goods one returned to the factory.

16) The warranty expressly excludes all claims for compensation, damage or other costs.

17) Products returned for repair and, on inspection by the service personnel of Tecnomed Italia s.r.l., found to have defects of material or manufacture, may be repaired or replaced under the warranty at the sole discretion of Tecnomed Italia s.r.l.. All goods returned for repair must be delivered to Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. free of charges. The warranty expressly excludes all damage incurred as a result of improper use or unauthorised tampering.


18) The customer is exclusively responsible for all costs incurred for the installation and commissioning of purchased goods. Against a specific request by the customer, the seller may provide in-house or external personnel to perform installation and commissioning, fees and conditions to be established in advance by the parties.


19) All returns must be authorised in advance by Tecnomed Italia s.r.l.. Requests to return goods must be made within 15 days from the date of the invoice. Returns shall be accepted only if delivered free of charge to the head offices of Tecnomed Italia s.r.l. or to another destination specified by Tecnomed Italia s.r.l.. A fee shall be applied to cover the costs of administering and reconditioning returned goods. Unauthorised returns shall be returned to the sender with shipping costs payable at destination. Requests to return goods shall not be considered unless accompanied by a copy of the corresponding invoice. Damaged goods, goods in poor condition, and goods withdrawn from the range (even if listed in the current catalogue) shall not be accepted for return. Claims for compensation related to returned goods shall under no circumstances be taken into consideration.


20) All credits deriving from invoicing errors (regarding articles, prices, quantities, discounts, etc.) shall be made exclusively by Tecnomed Italia s.r.l..


21) The company MK-dent® GmnH is not connected with the company Kavo® GmbH. Tecnomed Italia® srl is not connected with the trademarks described.
Kavo®, Siemens®, Sirona®, Castellini®, Midwest®, Faro®, W&H®, Bienair®, Bora®, NSK®, Multiflex®, TKD®, Gentleforce®, EMS®, Star®, Lares®, Satelec®, Mectron®, Cefla® (Cefla dental unit includes the trademarks Castellini®, Stern Weber®, Anthos®) and Planmeca® are trademarks registered.



22) All controversy arising from the application of these General Conditions of Sale shall be referred to the Courts of Pesaro, detached seat Fano, Italy.

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